Monday, November 3, 2008

Pictures from Northwood Boutique

Here are some pics from my little 6x10 space at Northwood. I did fairly well here, and of course the LuRay hankies were one of the most popular items. Another favorite was my variety of aprons (pics of those later). I have a medium sized white Christmas tree, but it takes too much room so I got this smaller size. It turned out to be just the perfect size, and when it's lit up it has a pale pink tinge to it. Several folks asked me if it was a pink tree, and everyone loved it!

The lavender sachets and stocking sachet ornaments were also popular as they usually are this time of year. They look pretty on your tree, or so sweet as a gift for your best friend. I was also scouted for an invitation only event in December, so that is always a nice compliment. That's all for now!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Northwood Boutique was Yesterday!

Well, yesterday was the Northwood Boutique. I've done this show many years ago, and it's very obvious that the current economy is having an impact on folks shopping. Attendance was down, and alot of the people attending were looking, but not necessarily buying. I can totally understand this as we are all being very careful with what money we do have.

A bright spot is that I think I did better than alot of vendors who were there. It was a fairly successful show for me and I got to meet some incredibly nice people. I also had a large variety of items selling, but of course, the LuRay hankie line is always a favorite!!!

I took some pictures of my booth and will post them later tonight. Have to get back to my economics homework now...yucky class! Not my favorite subject :-)