Friday, October 24, 2008

Machine Scare!!

So...the same night I cut my finger...see previous machine started binding up. I have an Elna 7200 which I just love. However, a few months after I got it, it had a catastrophic bobbin case and hook/shuttle failure which required many $$ and specialized expertise to fix. Ever since then I've been really nervous when something binds up. So...I'm running transparent thread, and it's running just fine. For some reason, it's just starts binding up. When I pull the bobbin plate off, the entire case is shifted. Now I'm worried the timing is off again. Holy cow, what else can happen??? So...I pack it up and get it ready to take in.

However, do you remember me mentioning I have a show? So...out comes the old reliable Singer 301. Gotta love her...tried and true. My son asked me why I was using it and I told him I was going "old school" and he said "sometimes old school is the best school"...he's building a '55 chevy truck, so you can see why he would say that. This is my faithful machine that was given to me by my grandmother over 23 years ago. In fact, I picked up another one a few years ago as a second backup. I even learned how to service and oil this myself. we go on the 301.

Now, here is my Public Service Announcement for quality thread. I took my machine in two days later expecting the worst, and it turns out the old Coats and Clark cotton thread I was using was causing me issues. Apparently according to the store staff, it's made in Mexico and is not high quality. It has high and low spots, leaves lots of lint in your machine, and ball up (that is when it's not breaking). If those balls get in your tension discs, they throw everything off and bind you up. Inez (the manager) put some high quality thread in from the store and she ran like a champ. I went straight to the fabric store and bought several large spools of the good stuff. How was I to know I was using the bad stuff? It looked good...come to find out that is because they put a coating of wax on it to make it look good. So...USE GOOD THREAD!! Your machine and your projects are worth it!!! the maching is baby burp cloths for my holiday show. Aren't they just the cutest?

Rotary Cutter + Finger Tip = OUCH!

So...I was sewing like crazy last Saturday, trying to get things done for a holiday show coming up in a week. I was cutting through some very thick webbing with my rotary cutter, and like a dummy, I was using my small ruler. Of course a small ruler makes you place your fingers closer to the cutter. I'm cutting away, and I grazed my finger. Nothing big, just enough to shave the outler layer - made a little shiny spot. I think - whew, I could have really cut myself.

So...I change rulers, right? No, of course not. I thank my lucky stars and keep on going. Then it happens...ouch!!! Cut halfway through my fingertip with the rotary cutter. Actually left blood on the cutter! So, I grab my finger (don't want to look) and I run downstairs. My husband is watching football or some other sporting event and I calmly ask him to help me. I can't look at it. We wash it off and I have to keep pressure on it and keep my arm up. I tell you what, I have a very high tolerance for pain, and it still hurt like heck!!! So, lucky for me it was a new blade, and the cut is very clean. We hope for the best, otherwise it's off to emergency on a weekend night..not a good experience. Here is a little pic of my beautiful finger the next day. Just looks like someone drew a line on my finger with red marker. It's now a week later and it's looking better. The wierdest thing is that my finger tip above the cut is still numb...cut all the nerve endings. Only time will tell if I get teh feeling back right there.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm going to be busy sewing again for my show in two weeks. But...before I can get to that, I have to do my homework. In addition to my day job, and my little business here, I am a full time student. I am suffering in an economics class. While I want to understand the economy more, I just don't see why I need to know the slope and the curve and all the mad calculations you need to get there!!

Stay tuned for new pics of the studio this weekend. It's finally totally installed, my back was killing me though. Now I'm trying to put stuff away and work at the same time. I must say I love having a seperate desk and sewing station. I can pop over to the computer every now and then in between seams.

Ok, off to bed now...what a week!

Friday, October 10, 2008

New LuRay Hankies are Here!

I've just had a visit with my lovely friend Carolin, the creator of the Luray Collection. She releases limited production runs of the most gorgeous vintage handkerchief designs. I've just picked up a new batch of them and will be adding them to the site in the next week. Of course there are gorgeous roses and other florals, but don't forget the fabulous Christmas hankies. I just love them! Here is a picture of some of them...and don't forget the hankie pillowcases! These would be great gifts for teachers, friends...anyone!