Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The newest addition to our family...Maggie!!

I try not to make my blog totally about I'm here to announce the newest member of our family. This is Maggie!!!

Early Christmas morning we lost our beloved Belle - she was a shepard lab mix and had been with us for 14 years. It was very sad as we loved her dearly, but it was her time. We've been greiving and the house has seemed so empty without our Belle, so we started to think about welcoming a new member to the family. My husband began to look at local shelters and on the internet. We were so blessed to find Maggie - she is 7 years old and is a lab/golden retriever mix. She's a big girl at 85 lbs as you can see. She is cuddling with my nearly 18 year old son, so you can see how big she is.

Maggie was a beloved pet to a family that had to make the hard decision to let her go to a new home. Personal hardships made it no longer possible for her to stay. We've now had Maggie two weeks and she is just a love. She's wonderful, playful, and has a kind soul. I feel certain she was meant to find us and we were meant to love her. The house is now full of the canine life it was missing...and I think our Belle would have approved whole heartedly. Now, my Siamese cat may have something else to say about that. Although it didn't take long for her to re-establish who was boss!

I am back!!

Hi all!! I'm so happy to say that I'm back. I last posted in November after the very fun Northwood show. I had a show the following weekend, then a week later I was involved in a car accident. Of course the rest of my shows had to be canceled, my car was a total loss and the at fault party had no insurance. When I think back on it, I really am lucky to come out of it as well as I did. I still have lingering back pain, but finished physical therapy last week and am really excited to get back to the business!! the site in the next week or so. I am going to be adding so many beautiful new hankies from the LuRay collection...the cutest is one with a little girl walking her dog!! I also have some new rag totes for spring, and the most darling aprons I've made - they were a great hit at the holidays - vintage and cottage flavor - some with vintage tablecloths! I'm just sooo excited to start sewing!

Please check the blog again soon - I'll be posting regularly again :-)